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Navid Zardi

Navid Zardi

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Navid Zardi, renowned Kurdish song writer, composer and singer, was born and raised in Mahabad and is now living in Düsseldorf, Germany. He will celebrate his birthday on 25.06.2022 with his fans in the greatest concert venue in Oslo, Norway, and later performs in a tour of concerts in other European, British, Canadian, American and Australian cities. He is the founder and CEO of a large entertainment and production company named NZ Production through which he produced unforgettable hits for several young Kurdish artists to build their public profile, gain fame and enrich Kurdish music archive. He has millions of fans worldwide. He has many popular hits and mega hits, which gained millions of views and streams on digital platforms: Kurda, Sharm Maka, Bahana, Bayda, Ayla, Warawa, Xayal, To and Bro. His latest mega hit, Poz, featured the greatest French singer, Gims. Poz is one of his new album’s tracks. The tracks of this album will feature world’s famous singers