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Fragments - DASHA RUSH - (supp: Aydin Imani & Andreas Åkesson)


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Lokaler: Klubben i Røverstaden
Dørene åpner: 21:00
Aldersgrense: 21 år
Saloppsett: Stående


Introducing Fragments, a new techno concept founded by Aydin Imani and Andreas Åkesson. The dynamic Oslo duo is committed to bringing together like-minded individuals who recognize the importance of atmosphere on the dancefloor and value sound quality and visual appeal. At Fragments, the goal is to present hypnotic and imaginative music, showcasing artists who are committed to creating innovative and authentic sounds.


As the headliner for this launch, we're thrilled to welcome techno queen Dasha Rush to the stage. With her entrancing DJ sets and genre-defying productions for more than two decades, Dasha has established herself as a leading force in the world of techno. She has captivated audiences all over the world with her distinctive sound, and her last Oslo performance in 2021 for Monument is a testament to her ability to create an electrifying atmosphere.




Andreas Åkesson

Aydin Imani

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- We start at 21:00. Come early and enjoy the full evening.

- Be in the moment. We encourage to use your phone less.

- ZERO tolerance for racism, discrimination, sexism, homophobia or transphobia. Respect all visitors privacy and personal space - at all times, with NO exception.

Sound: Funktion-One w/ Mats Bekkåsen

Visuals: Margrete Magnussen

In collaboration with Ghost Collective and Røverstaden