Oslo Konserthus | Monument x CCTV pres. Northern Electronics
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Monument x CCTV pres. Northern Electronics


Kjøp gavekort
Priser (inkl. bill. avgift) Ticket 330,-
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Lokale: Klubben i Røverstaden
Aldersgrense: 21 år
Dører åpner: 21:30
Saloppsett: Stående

Monument and Ghost Collective have the pleasure of inviting our close Swedish friends CCTV and Northern Electronics - for a magical club night with deep, hypnotic and driving techno, in the basement of Røverstaden on "Musikkfest / Musikkens dag" Oslo!

01:00 - 03:00: Anthony Linell
23:00 - 01:00: Jin Mustafa
21:30 - 23:00: Capodanna

Light and Video:
Martin Kling (CCTV)

This event is created for those who want club and not downtown nightlife.

- No-photo policy
- Respectful dancing
- Creating a Safe Space