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Electronic Creatives Gathering



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05okt 23
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Lokale: Klubben i Røverstaden
Aldersgrense: 20 år
Dører åpner: 16:00

Looking at this past year, at everything, from the open air electronic takeover at Musikkfest Oslo(musikkens dag) this spring to the Oslo Erotic at Salt this fall, and not to forget the Monument Festival recogniced as one of the top festivals in Norway. All of this gives evidence that the electronica scene in Norway not only has grown tremendously in the recent years, but continues to find new ways of giving us high quality events that showcase the many aspects of this culture.This is an event for both you that is fresh to the scene and the more established; event organizers, artists, DJ’s, technicians, politicians, dancers, producers, venues, bookers, performers, art or content creators, volunteers or friendly faces from the dance floor. Whether you want to take a peak into what we are working and and what we care about or meet like minded to find new partnerships. You are hereby invited to our yearly gathering!
Our belief is that connections and artistic expressions often stem from unexpected encounters. The gathering aims to support creatives by providing a neutral and welcoming environment where knowledge sharing is encouraged, and new connections can be fostered.

Together with you, we hope to create an event where new opportunities flourish!