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Electronic Creatives Conference

Røverstaden (flyttet fra 2.6 til 5.10)

Kjøp gavekort
Priser (inkl. bill. avgift) ECC Ticket Incl Food 425,-
Konserten starter presis* Slutt-tidspunkt er et estimat.

Lokale: Klubben i Røverstaden og Dueslaget
Aldersgrense: 18 år
Dører åpner: 17:00

General conference info

The electronica scene (in Norway) has grown tremendously in recent years, and Ghost Collective is working behind the scenes to unionize the industry in areas that can create long-term value for all - without compromising on what makes creative work unique!

As part of Ghost’s commitment to support talented artists and event organisers (creatives) of the electronic underground scene, we welcome all creatives for an evening of community and knowledge sharing.

Crowdfunding the conference
The Electronic Creatives Conference is a nonprofit event organized by the Ghost team - together with a number of fantastic partners on a voluntary basis.

However, there are certain costs associated with the event that must be covered to be able to carry out the event. Therefore we are seeking to crowdfund the event through ticket sales.

We need to sell a minimum of 250 tickets by Thursday, 11.05 in order to raise enough funds to make the event happen.

If we do not meet this target the event will not happen and ticket holders will receive a refund (minus ticket fee to Tixly 30 NOK)

Donation of ticket profit
We are honored to be a close partner with the nonprofit organisation FTR (Safer Drug Policies).

We believe that their work is needed more than ever and we deeply support creating safe spaces and promoting knowledge within the electronic scene.

As a gesture of our support we will be donating all profits from ticket sales to FTR and present the donation during the conference - on behalf of everyone.