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04mar 23
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MantaiNamie is the fifth stand-up comedy tour of Mantas Stonkus, Mantas Katleris and Mantas Bartuševicius.

Aldersgrense 16 år

The whole show be in the Lithuanian language.

In 2016 they pretended to be golden boys (#MantaiVienodai), in 2017 they took the audience to New York (#MantaiGeriau), in 2018 they returned to the courtyard (#MantaiKieme), and during Christmas 2019 they "flew away" to a real Lithuanian resort (#MantaiKurorte), Mantai had to pause this project for obvious reasons, and now they are ready to come back with a bang.

"A completely new stand-up comedy program about what no one expected. About the time when we all had to sit down and rethink our relationships, we learned what "quarantine" is and the term "remote work" and we also greatly improved our cooking skills. New thoughts, new experiences, new pets, and extra kilograms. The break was long - there is definitely something to tell."

Join the biggest-ever Lithuanian stand-up comedy event in Norway.